Photo Diary – Recap


These last couple of weeks I’ve been focussing a lot on my video’s. I found that launching a youtube channel and actually creating good content is not that easy and it takes a lot of time! But for me it’s really rewarding because I’m working on my three greatest passions; art, fashion & film. Hopefully one day I can work on the things I love as a full-time job. I feel like I’m progressing a little every day (I’m working my but off, that’s for sure!). Even with my super bussy schedule (working at my regular job + illustration jobs) I try to find some time to attend a fun (fashion)event every now and then… Check out my little photo recap of the last couple of weeks below and scroll to the end for the descriptions.


Photo description (from top to bottom and left to right):

(1) a little treat, my new hot pink shoes. (2) full make-up and PJ’s (after shooting I like to get comfy). (3) shooting my first video with the┬áSamsung NX210 camera. (4) shooting a super girly DIY ‘Barbie Pink Bow’. (5) My cat is my manager right now, she’s a though cookie (and cookie is also here name btw). (6) I was invited to the Elle Style Awards and was dresses as a cat. (7) A fairy I made with watercolor paint in my bed before sleeping, (8) my art supply while working at a fashion week event. (9) My make-up for the video ‘Red Lips’. (10) My first try of scanning my own watercolor staints/palets. (11) Mimi in Fashionland little handmade cards at fashion week event (12) drawing in my moleskine sketchbook for my illustration job for Zalando. (13) wearing pale pink bracelet, pink wool jacket and hot pink nail polish! (14) one of the visitors I portrayed at the fashion week event

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