Photo diary: ELLE Style Awards 2013


I was recently invited to visit the ELLE Style Awards in Amsterdam. Since last year I had the time of my life and I loved the show/contest I instantly was very excited to go again. This big annually event that ELLE Magazine throws always has original dresscodes. This year the theme was ‘musicals’ and we were asked to wear a hat or headpiece. Since I don’t wear hats very often I choose for the last option. I obviously was inspired by the musical cats and wore a little headpiece with cat ears. I’m so crazy about actual cats that it would have been silly to have chosen anything else! I met with my friend and blogger Amanda who also was a cute little kitty that evening. We had so much fun during the awards (we were very inspired by the looks on the catwalk). And the after party was crazy! The award for best stylist went to Pascal-Joёl Weber and the personal style awards went to dutch actress Tjitske Reidinga. Check out my little picture diary…


IMG_2913IMG_2969IMG_2964 IMG_2950IMG_2936 IMG_2918 IMG_2959


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